Types of Leases

An operating lease allows clients to acquire vehicles or equipment on a relatively short-term basis instead of a commitment for its useful life.

There are various types of operating lease schemes that customers can subscribe to.

Long-term Lease

Long-term leasing of commercial vehicles and forklifts with lease periods of 3 to 5 years. Flexibility is there to allow clients to cater to their operational requirements.

Short-term Lease
Short-term rental of commercial vehicles are available for 1 day to 11months. A wide range of commercial vehicles from various well-known brands are available for selection.

Sales & Leaseback
Vehicles and equipment can be converted into cash without any disruption of business operations through our 'Sales & Leaseback' scheme. In this way, a company can channel resources into areas that are able to produce better returns. In the long run, operations are streamlined and productivity is improved. Hence, the 'sales & leaseback' scheme is one of the options to re-model business operations for better productivity.