Benefits of Leasing

There are many real benefits to leasing industrial vehicles. Here are some key benefits that have prompted many companies to lease rather than purchase commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.

STVE's targeted industry sectors include emergency and security, logistics and warehousing, transportation, F&B, service, waste management and construction.

Predictable Expenses

Fixed monthly leasing expense as compared to fluctuating maintenance costs under self-ownership. This allows business to effectively forecast their budget.

Improved Cash Flow

No heavy capital outlays required and be protected from exponential insurance premium hikes in the event of a claim.

Alternative Financing Option

Leasing with STVE provides business with an alternative to banks and financial institutions. With this, you can obtain the industrial vehicles your business without utilising your banks’ credit lines.

Maintenance and Manpower Management

Eliminate maintenance cost, manpower management and technical expertise with STVE. Our professionals keeps industrial vehicles in tip-top condition.

Reduce Downtime

Availability of Replacement vehicles to reduce downtime from unforeseen circumstances.

Asset Portfolio Flexibility

No more disposal loss uncertainties with the option to add, upgrade or dispose vehicles easily through STVE’s leasing packages.

Accessibility to Up-to-Date Industrial Vehicles

Achieve instant competitive advantage by being equipped with a wide range and up-to-date industrial vehicles without forking out substantial capital.

Opportunity for Expansion

Rapidly expand businesses to meet market demands with no heavy capital outlay.

Improved Financial Ratios

Being asset-light improves profitability ratios, which can be a great boost to the business financial position.

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