Light Duty Vehicles


Passenger Vans

passengervanPassenger vans are great for family outing and corporate events and other small group outings or occasions.

Depending on your number of passengers, we have various models of vans which can cater to your needs.

Goods Vans

3The goods vans that we lease are suitable for use in relocating home or office and goods delivery with its ample cargo space and length.

These vans are commonly used by businesses such as plumbing and electrical repair services and courier services.

10 Footer (payload up to 1.7 tonnes)

lorryOur 10 footer open trucks are suitable for transporting large items or large quantum of goods in many industries spanning the port, logistics, construction, food& beverage, utilities and environmental management industries.

Our 10 footer are available in different applications and upper structures, such as:
- Box Truck
- Canopy Truck
- Freezer Truck

Pick up

pickup2Pickup trucks are suitable for hauling large items or ferrying workers in its rear bed.

Our pickups are available in 2 versions:
- Single Cab
- Twin Cab